WZKD Comics & Games

WZKD Comic & Games is a full service hobby store located in Santa Fe, New Mexico! Specializing in Magic the Gathering, Warhammer 40k, Strategy Games, Pokémon and Dungeon & Dragons.

Canan Dungeons & Dragons Magic Warhammer Chess

About Craig Mack

As a kid growing up poor and in a non-desirable neighborhood, finding “gaming” was a lifesaver. Instead of spending nights on the streets trying to keep out of trouble, I spent nights locked to a table playing Dungeons & Dragons, Magic the Gathering, or Settlers of Catan.

This not only challenged my mind, but formed critical thinking skills, and lasting friendships. I learned so much from gaming, and the ritual of sitting across from family and friends playing games will always be part of me. - Craig Mack

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the passion and foundation


Recently leading up to the store, an NFT project was launched made up of 4321 unique pieces of art with the main goal to fund the store as well as the amazing give-back feature the store provides.

Tuesday, Wednesday 11AM - 6PM. Thursday, Friday, Sat 11AM - 7PM. Sunday 11AM - 5PM. Game demos daily!

Afterschool Programs

The WZKD comics and games store provides afterschool programs for all kids to come in and get away from all troubles / hardships they may face outside of school.

What We Sell

The WZKD store has everything in stock ranging all the way from Pokemon to every version of Catan. People not only come in to buy games, but to play them right after!

Group Activities

The comics and games store host group activities for people to come in and battle through Chess, Magic, Pokemon... you name it! Join the discord found down below for more info and events.